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TOPS in the Cloud

With TOPS iQ, the TOPS program and your data are stored on your own dedicated server. Wherever you have an internet connection, your data is available to you—whether on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Key Benefit of Going Hosted

With TOPS iQ you eliminate the stress of installing and maintaining software, freeing you to focus on your core business of providing excellent management services.


TOPS iQ eliminates many of the costly burdens of traditional software. Say goodbye to expensive server purchases and costly IT contracts, and hello to budget predictability!

For one monthly fee, TOPS iQ includes a powerful suite of features.

  • Scalable server environment grows as needed
  • Unlimited Premium TOPS Support
  • Daily backups
  • On demand email
  • Cross platform access

With these industry leading services in place, your company will have a competitive advantage!

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We looked long and hard at other solutions.
[TOPS] was definitely the right call."

— Mike Bono, President, Bono & Associates


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