Self-Managed Community Success Stories

See what successful self-managed communities are using!

Self-managing your own community is not the easiest solution, but if you want something done right, sometimes you've got to do it yourself. With TOPS, we'll give you the professional tools you need to successfully run your community association from A to Z!

What sets TOPS Professional apart from so many applications is that it was designed by community managers and bookkeepers for community managers and bookkeepers. That translates into an intuitive interface, user-friendly screens, and clear workflows. Some of the other features include:

  • Accounting designed for a Condominiums and HOAs
  • Track financials by sections and phases
  • Categorize and charge assessments by property type
  • Manage access to amenities

Sounds great right? But don't take our word for it! Take a look at these two stories from real self-managed associations that found that TOPS gave them the best tools to get the job done right!


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"I would attend industry workshops and seminars and I would always ask what accounting software people were using,” Stitcher explains. “TOPS was always in the mix."


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"Anybody who knows me in property management knows I love  TOPS. I’m currently telling one of my good friends to  buy it. He loves QuickBooks and he’s very skilled with it, but as great as  he is with it, TOPS would save him so much time."

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