Management Software for Community Associations

Accounting and Property Management tools for Community Management

Are you looking for software to manage your apartment homes, commercial properties or landlord software? Then please consider one of these fine companies, because TOPS is not the best fit for you.

However, if you manage a large self-managed community association, or represent a management company with a portfolio of HOA and Condo association clients, you've come to the right place! Why is TOPS the right choice for you? Watch this video:


Accounting Built for Community Associations

Built exclusively for community management, TOPS iQ includes all the features, reporting, and automation needed to run an efficient community association accounting division.

  • Fund-based accounting designed to separate reserves and operating expenses
  • Fully integrated accounting through all management modules (auto charge backs)
  • Balance-forward accounts receivable per industry standards
  • Drill-down General Ledger for tracing transaction history
  • Choose an accounting method - Accrual, Cash or Modified Accrual for AR and AP
  • Built to the standards set forth in the AICPA guidelines for community accounting.


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