California Davis Stirling Compliance Guide for TOPS Professional

Davis Stirling Compliance Guide TOPS Professional.png

This guide contains instructions for where to locate and how to extract data inside TOPS Professional to maintain compliance for California Community Associations.

Navigate the Davis Stirling Act with Ease

With the many new changes in 2014 to California Civil Code Part 5, sections 4000-6150 (better known as the Davis Stirling Act), community managers are struggling to adapt their management software to be compliant.This guide contains everything you need to know to implement Davis Stirling Act compliance into your TOPS Community Association Management Software, including:

  • Where to store additional required data such as newly required legal policies
  • How to retrieve data for new reports like the Annual Balance Sheet
  • Sample policy wording to kickstart required policies your association may be missing
  • 3 Sample Form Letters for you to customize:
    • Sample Notice of Lien Letter
    • Sample Notice of Intent to Charge Letter
    • Sample Decision/Notice of Charge Letter

As a California Community Association Manager, this kit gives you everything you need to automate your compliance to make it easy not just for one year, but for every year to come.

Not a California Manager? That's OK! The sample policies and form letters contained in this kit are useful for any association manager who wants to be open with their boards and provide owners with full communication transparency for charges and liens.

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