Get Started with Owner Access


TOPS [ONE] Owner Access
Getting Started Kit

You're here to download your TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Starter Kit. This download will give you access to a full kit of resources to get your homeowners up and running on owner access. Here's what you'll get:

  • Read Me file with full explanation of the files provided and how to use them.

  • Graphic Buttons for you to add to your website to make it easy for homeowners to log in to Portals.

  • Instruction Guide to teach you how to set up Owner Access in your organization, and how to activate the community associations in your portfolio.

  • Free Booklet that you can distribute to homeowners to showcase the features and provide instruction on using Owner Access. This document is available in an easily editable version that you can customize based on the features you have activated in Owner Access, as well as adding your own logos and text.

We hope you find this kit useful! Plese fill in the form to download all of these resources in a handy ZIP file.

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