2016 State of the CAM Industry

2016 State of the CAM Industry.png

In this report we share the results of our study of management companies across the country, and what their org charts look like.

State of the CAM Industry:
Management Company Organization

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When we started researching community association Management Companies, we were shocked at how little information was known about what those companies actually looked like.

That is how we were inspired to create a survey to poll management companies around the country and ask them to tell us what their company’s organizational structure looked like.

In this report, we present to you the survey results, in which we attempt to answer the big questions. Questions like:

  • What role should my next hire be?
  • How many staff members should my company have per community we add to our portfolio?
  • What are the key personnel that most management companies have in common, and where do you stack up?

We hope you find the answers useful.

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