Free Co-Marketing Kit for TOPS Users

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This kit includes three co-marketing materials you can customize to use for marketing your own business: a presentation you can show your prospects to let them know about the technology they will gain when they choose you, an announcement letter to let your boards know that you are now using TOPS and how it benefits them, and high quality logos you can put on your website and marketing materials to show your TOPS pride!


  1. Marketing Presentation for New Prospects
    When you are presenting to a new prospect, you want to show your management company in the best possible light. That's where this co-marketing presentation comes in handy. Simply insert the relevant slides into your existing presentation, or use this as a jumping off point to create a new presentation. Either way, you've got the backing of our full marketing department to make you look amazing to your prospects!


  2. Announcement Letter/Email Template
    Switching software is a big deal! When you are switching to TOPS, you need to let your clients know what is changing, and why it's a good thing! Customize this template to create a letter for your boards to let them know what they stand to gain from this choice you've made.

  3. Proud to Use TOPS Logos
    You're proud to show off how much you love what TOPS does for your business and you're not afraid to show it! (Go you!) Show your TOPS pride by inserting these co-marketing logos on your website and on your printed marketing materials. (We're so proud of you!)





One More Thing...

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While we're both here, can we just take a moment to talk about TOPS [ONE], our next generation Community Association Management software that runs the same on your smartphone or desktop? See for yourself all of the TOPS [ONE] advantages in a free demo. Fill in the form below to schedule your demo today!

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