Sample Community Budget Template

Sample Budget Template.png

Download this sample budget worksheet template to help prepare annual community budgets!

A good budget makes the difference between a financially healthy community and potential troubles that can lead to special assessments.

This sample budgeting template provides you with a blueprint to successfully create solid annual budgets. 

Whether you just aren't sure where to start with your annual community budgets or you just need a jumping-off point to get moving and save a little time, this sample community budget template is the tool for you!

The template is provided in Microsoft Excel format for maximum compatability. We have also provided some sample data to give you an idea of what can be included in your community's budget. Simply replace the values with your own to determine your numbers for the year. 

This Free Budgeting Template is designed to give you a framework in which to input your own community financial data to create a comprehensive, well presented, easy to understand monthly budget for the year. We've done all the legwork for you  so you can focus on what's important, instead of petty details like formatting, or getting it to print out right:

  • All formulas are pre-set up to calculate budget totals automatically.
  • Formatting added to make the pages easy to read and understand.
  • Print-friendly layout and shading to work on your printer without wasting time fussing with it.
  • Easily add or delete rows to customize the accounts to your community.
  • All you need to do is plug in your numbers!

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