TOPS GO! 2.0


Welcome Florida Community Association Management Professionals!

“ TOPS GO! saves our managers 50 percent of their time. They actually came to me asking for more properties! ”

Avelino VidePresident, Avid Property Management

Take your TOPS data to the field to do inspections or take it home to handle on-call emergencies.  TOPS Go! works in conjunction with an existing installation of TOPS Professional. All key community information from TOPS, except for the accounting data, is available at your fingertips on your smart phone or tablet.

TOPS Go! makes inspections a breeze! Throw away your old process: printing out open violations as a ride list, going through the community and entering notes, as well as taking pictures, only to go back to the office to enter it all back into the system; and say hello to an easier, more streamlined process using TOPS Go!

Take your tablet or phone with you as you go through the community, take a picture of a violation and automatically create a new record from that image - one tap with your finger chooses the category, and TOPS Go! automatically associates the article reference and default text that you defined when you set up your CC&R module in TOPS.

“Before TOPS Go! I would set aside a whole week to do property inspections. Now I’ll be done by Tuesday. The rest of the week I service my communities.”

— Benjamin IsipPresident, Towers Property Management

It's never been easier than this. A process that used to take 7 to 8 steps and three different locations can now be done on the fly with just a couple of taps to the screen using TOPS Go!


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