What Is Backup Service?

The TOPS Backup Service eliminates the cost and maintenance burden of tape drives, CD backups, and hard drive backups by sending your critical TOPS community data over the Internet to our off-site backup servers. One you can setup and forget about, secure in the fact that your data is being backed up safely.

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It Could Happen To You.... 

Think of the TOPS Internet Backup Service as insurance for your data. Just as you consider insurance policies against floods, fires, storms, and theft a necessity, so too is the integrity of your TOPS data. There are so many things that can go wrong with computer data, such as a system crash (which eventually happens to EVERY computer system), or data corruption caused by power surges from a simple lightning storm. Not to mention those pesky “acts of god” like fires, floods, or earthquakes that cause physical data storage loss. With TOPS Internet Backup Service, your data is stored away from any primary hardware or software damage or corruption.

How It Works! 

The TOPS Internet Backup Service is fully automated. It only takes five minutes to set it up, and the system does the rest.  Here is how it works: 

  • Select a backup scheme: TOPS Software has developed a number of different backup schemes that you can choose from to make backing up your data as detailed as you want. If you do not like the predefined schemes, the system even allows you to create your own backup schemes.
  • Define files to backup: Since the backup program is fully integrated with TOPS iQ and TOPS Professional, the system makes it easy for you to define exactly what you want backed up. You may choose to only backup accounting files, for example. All you have to do is click a checkbox next to the module sections that you want backed up. You can even choose to backup files on your system that are not stored in TOPS!
  • Define communities to backup: TOPS iQ and TOPS Professional will display a full list of all of your communities. Simply check the communities that you want to back up, or click a button to check them all.

That’s it! Once you have performed these three simple steps, your backup program is activated and ready to use.

Based on the schedule that you set in step one, your computer will connect to the Internet, compress the community files that will be backed up, and upload those compressed files to an offsite Internet server. Once per night, that server is automatically backed up to a server at TOPS corporate headquarters. This process of redundant backups is the hidden jewel of the TOPS Internet Backup Service. By storing your data on two different servers in two different locations, TOPS Software gives you the extra assurance that your data will be available to you when you need it most.

There are so many uses for the TOPS Internet Backup Service, and so many reasons why it will become the most important tool in your property management toolbox. Don't wait and sign up today! 


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