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When I looked at TOPS, I liked what they had to offer. It made sense. It’s software just designed for HOAs and condominiums.



TOPS [ONE] Benefits

  • Impress your boards with comprehensive reports that make your management company look great. Even management reports can be run directly in [ONE] so you have ongoing list of completed tasks without manually creating reports.
  • Customize your platform for even the most demanding of Boards with unlimited custom fields, customizable chart of accounts and unlimited funds.
  • Tracking of expenses to budget is easier with drill-down in reports, and the comments area allows for less confusion on unusual entries needing clarification.

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  • Put the power to manage their account in the hands of the homeowners with built-in self service tools at no additional cost. Owner Access gives the homeowner the ability to log in 24/7/365 to view their balance, check payment history, and make an online payment.
  • Homeowners can communicate with their manager on disputes and issues directly tied to the violation or request ticket. Maintenance and Enforcement issues are more readily solved on a more convenient timeframe.

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  • Get a 10,000 foot overview of the health of your community portfolio to help you better identify the roadblocks and windfalls in the immediate future for your business. Track key performance indicators that show you at a glance the health of every community you manage.
  • Reduce redundancy and save time and money with built-in portfolio-wide management and automation tools.

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  • Managers can answer questions and enter followup items directly from their phone or tablet resulting in faster response times, and accurate tracking and reporting of tasks completed and what is pending. This reduces the chance for items to fall through the cracks, and provides additional transparency to your boards and homeowners too!
  • Staff members will be more proactive by having automation, collaboration with other team members in ONE and anytime access to all their information.
  • Eliminate paper waste with automated document attachments.
  • Foster better communication through email blasts and owner access allow for faster response time to inquiries. Easily communicate with directors, homeowners and vendors - email mass or individual letters, coupons, statements, work orders and more!

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